Thursday, February 4, 2010

My friend Andrew

During the week, my mom has to leave me at home while she goes to work. Every morning, she tells me goodbye, kisses me on the top of the head, and off she goes. I finally have the place to myself, so I crawl back in bed for a little while....

...and then spend the next couple of hours watching Animal Planet.

Around lunchtime I start to get a little antsy. Since mom works uptown, she can't come all the way home to visit me during the day. This is where Andrew comes in! Andrew is very tall, has a furry face like mine, and calls me "Hank" (we're not really sure why).  

Rain or shine, Andrew comes to my apartment and takes me on a walk around the neighborhood. He lets me mark all the lamp posts and sniff the other dogs' butts. If you want someone like Andrew to walk you too, just call the nice people at Downtown Pets and they will hook you up.

Mom says that if we win the lottery, I'll get a membership at Biscuits and Bath- a fancy New York "Doggy Gym" where I could spend everyday socializing with other city pups and stimulating my canine senses.

Andrew, thanks for always holding on tight to my leash.

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